Ushuaia, the end of the earth!

We flew to the southern tip of Argentina, to Ushuaia, the southernmost city in the world.  It is a remote place, a little piece of Argentina surrounded by Chile.  It began as a penal colony, which would make sense, since it is so remote and hard to escape from.  The Andes mountains end here, and tower above the town.  They have both mountains and sea.  This is the main port for ships going to Antarctica!

IMG_0112The main economic activity of Ushuaia is assembling electronic devices.  There are lots of huge containers of the component parts that have been shipped from China, which eventually get shipped out as electronic devices.  There is pretty much full employment in this place, and it is thriving.  It continues to develop and sprawl.

Our ship, Le Soleal, docked here in Ushuaia, is the last one on the right. It is a French ship and carries about 200 passengers, a nice size for exploring Antarctica.  My sister, Cheryl, and I, slightly out of focus in the bottom right photo, were all primed for a great adventure and thrilled to be in Ushuaia!


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