Deception Island

After leaving Half Moon Bay, we continued on to Deception Island.  It is a circular island, shaped like a donut.  The interior is the collapsed caldera of a volcano that is not extinct, though not active.   There is a very narrow channel through which a not-too-large ship can enter to the center part. The walls of the island are basalt, and I was quite fascinated by the patterns and texture and the variety of color of them. IMG_7638IMG_7640IMG_7641IMG_7645IMG_7647IMG_7652

These serve as reminders that this area was once used as a whaling station.  In more recent years, though, Argentina has set up a scientific station here.




There are no trees or grass or shrubs in Antarctica, so seeing basalt walls that were kind of green was really fascinating.  Lichens grow there and some Antarctic algae, which would explain the color.


Some of our shipmates on the shore of Deception Island.



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